Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I really hope this year is going to find you in good health and good spirits ! 2013 is kicking off already for Jade who is a contestant in the upcoming TV show 'Splash', under the guidance of Olympic winner Tom Daley.

Olympic bronze medallist Tom Daley is training the famous faces, ranging from Towie’s Joey Essex to comedian Omid Djalili and ski-jumping icon Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards.

In the show, the contestants will try to make their finest dives as experts rate their efforts and viewers vote for their favourites.

Hosted by Vernon Kay, the likes of model Caprice Bourret and Sugababe Jade Ewen will be forced to find out whether they sink or swim as they don their cossies and take the leap of faith.

The famous faces will need a mix of determination, drive and daredevil stunts to perform dives, which build up to the dreaded high board. The five-parter starts on January 5 on ITV1 at 7.15pm.

Jade Ewen has revealed she ignored a stark warning in a bid to become a superstar diver – after her mum became convinced she would drown.

The singer admitted she has never been taught how to swim and has a phobia of deep water. Her dad is blind and her mum is partially sighted, which meant that beach holidays were not the time to learn.

Jade said: “I can’t really swim, I’ve only just learnt. I was never taught to swim – I went to a performing arts school so we didn’t have PE. As an adult, I’d blag it and sit by the pool and watch people swim and try to copy.

“But I’d never ever been in deep water as I hate it and it terrifies me. My mum always told me, ‘Don’t go in the sea or you’ll drown.’ I’ve grown up thinking I’ll drown if I go in the water. I can’t get it out of my head.”

Former Eurovision contestant Jade, who used to date EastEnder Ricky Norwood added she was told by show bosses to wear a bikini, despite fears of a wardrobe malfunction in front of cameras.

The sexy star said: “They obviously thought it would make good TV if mine came off.

“I’m hoping they put me in a one-piece, though, as I don’t want the bottoms coming off and the whole thing being caught on underwater cameras. But maybe that’s how you get the votes!

“Swimming is the biggest thing in my life that I’m scared of and it limits me on holiday. It doesn’t matter about the show – I’ll be able to take advantage of a skill for life.”

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